Hermes provides public transport by bus in the Southeast of Brabant. We do this under the name 'Bravo'. In the Arnhem-Nijmegen region you know us under the name 'Breng'. We take care of public transport on behalf of the Province of Brabant and the Province of Gelderland. However, our travellers are our real clients. It is for them that we are constantly on the move.


Every organisation has a mission that determines its operations. Hermes' official mission is as follows: To provide commercial services in multimodal and demand-driven public transport in the most customer-oriented, effective and efficient manner and in such a way as to safeguard the company's continuity. To this end, Hermes deliberately chooses to offer passenger transport so as to contribute as actively as possible to preserving city and region.

Customer focus

Our travellers are central to everything we do. We are constantly working to further improve our services to them – by offering more comfort, safety and even better information.


At Hermes we are constantly optimising our services, with the drivers playing a pivotal role. They are responsible for a safe and comfortable journey, punctuality and customer-oriented service. Our drivers are also the first point of contact for travellers. All our drivers are certified in order to safeguard their know-how, experience and social skills.


We do what we promise. We do everything we can to meet our timetable commitments. After all, buses are supposed to operate punctually. As a traveller you should be able to count on that.

You expect nothing out of the ordinary from us. You just want to be able to travel on time with us, in a clean, comfortable bus. You also want accurate travel information and a friendly driver. In other words, just ordinary things. And that's what we provide. With our well-trained drivers and modern buses.

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