Wear a mouth mask and avoid travelling during rush hour.


In a number of regions, we offer a Bravoflex service, in addition to the regular bus lines. Bravoflex is a sustainable and flexible transport service to order. You decide when you will be picked up at your bus stop and where you will be dropped off.

So, there is no fixed timetable for Brengflex. A small bus will pick you up at a bus stop at the agreed time, and will take you as quickly as possible to your selected bus stop. You may have to share the vehicle with other passengers. But that only happens if your arrival time is not affected. Reservations can be made via a free flex-app or by calling. The advantage of booking via the app is that you can continuously see where your driver is, when you will be picked up and what your expected time of arrival is.


  • Direct connections without a transfer.
  • Decide yourself when you travel.
  • Customised transport with seat guarantee for all passengers (space for wheelchair and pushchair).
  • Easy to book via a flex-app or telephone.
  • Easy payment with your OV-chipkaart, debit card or credit card.
  • Via the app, you can see the exact time your transportation will arrive. 
  • No unnecessary waiting around at the bus stop.

Where does Bravoflex run?

At the moment, the flex buses in Zuid-Oost Brabant run in two separate areas:

  • Eindhoven, Veldhoven, Aalst and Waalre
  • Helmond
You can only travel within one area with Bravoflex. So not from area to area. Bravoflex can stop at all the bus stops used by the regular buses.

When does Bravoflex run?

In Eindhoven and surroundings, Bravoflex is available during the following times:

  • Monday – Friday: 07.00 – 21.30 hrs
  • Saturday and Sunday: 09.00 – 21.30 hrs

In Helmond and surroundings, Bravoflex is available during the following times:
  • Monday – Friday: 07.00 – 19.00 hrs
  • Saturday: 08.00 – 18.00 hrs
Please note: Bravoflex does not in Helmond on Sundays.
We recommend making a reservation well before closing time to ensure that you can be transported the same day.

Making a reservation

You can make a reservation at any time that is convenient for you, either via the OVflex app or by phone. Within a few seconds, the time at which you can be picked up will be calculated. You can then decide whether to reserve Bravoflex or not.
Please note: You must reserve a Bravoflex bus. You cannot flag down a Bravoflex as you would a taxi or regular bus. Even if there is (still) room in the bus, you cannot just get on the bus: there may be other passengers who have a reservation and will board the bus later.

Making a reservation using the app

You can make a reservation 24/7 via the OVflex app. Download the OVflex app for iPhone (iOS 9 and higher) or Android (6.0 or higher) and follow the instructions in the app.

Making a reservation per telephone (only in Helmond and surroundings)

You can also order a Bravoflex service in Helmond by calling 088-6000 966. Bravoflex can be reached by telephone on working days from 06.00 to 20.30 hrs and on weekends and public holidays from 07.30 to 20.30 hrs.

The driver will call you if you are not at the chosen bus stop. If you do not get to the bus stop on time, the driver can decide to leave after one minute. The ride will then be cancelled. If you paid in advance, you will not receive a refund.

Travelling together

Our system works per person. It is therefore possible that you will be picked up by different vehicles if you make a reservation separately. If you want to travel together, order for several people (maximum 8) from the same location and with the same account. If you travel with more than 8 people, order 2 times with 2 different accounts.

When a person makes a reservation for a group, s/he also will pay for the entire group. It is not possible to pay individually. Any repayment must be settled amongst the group members themselves.


  • For Bravoflex in Eindhoven and surroundings a ride costs the standard public transport rate. In the OVflex app you can check how much your trip will cost. When making a reservation per telephone, you can ask the cost of your chosen trip.
  • For Bravoflex in Helmond and surroundings there is a fixed rate of € 3.00 per ride.
  • Children in a stroller are allowed to travel for free. Children who are not in a stroller are considered to be an extra passenger.
  • If the bus driver has to make a detour, you will not have to pay extra.
  • Subscriptions and (age) discounts are valid when paying with a personal OV-chipkaart.

Means of payment

When you make a reservation with the app, you can immediately pay using your credit card. You can also choose to pay on the bus. Then you pay the bus driver using your OV-chipkaart, debit card or credit card. It is not possible to pay with cash.

Bring with you

You can take anything that fits within 47x73x34 cm with you. If you want to take more with you, reserve an extra seat. Do you want to bring a stroller or wheelchair? Please indicate this when you make your reservation.

An guide dog is allowed, but must remain on the floor and not on a seat. The driver may require other pets to be carried in a bag or carrier measuring a maximum of 47x73x34 cm.