Wear a face mask and avoid travelling during rush hour.

Apps on your smartphone

Plan a trip, request a transfer, book an OVflex bus and buy an M-ticket. Do it with an app. 

Apps for travel information

Connexxion and its sub-brands have an app for each brand with which you can quickly and easily find all the necessary travel information while travelling.

Download a travel information app

Go to the App Store or Google Play Store and search for 'Connexxion', 'Breng', 'Hermes', 'Overal' or 'Texelhopper'.

Stappover apps

Suppose you are about to miss an important connecting bus. With the Stappover app, you can quickly and easily request a transfer. If possible, the bus will wait for you!

Downlaod a Stappover app

Go to the App Store or Google Play Store and search for 'Stappover Connexxion', ' Stappover Breng', 'Stappover Hermes' or 'StappoverOVregioIJsselmond'.

Buy M-tickets with the Tranzer app

M-tickets are tickets you can buy with an app. Activate the ticket when you want to travel and show it to the driver on your mobile phone.

Download Tranzer

For Android
For iOS


Use the OVflex app to reserve a trip with a flex bus. In some regions, we offer an OVflex service when there is no regular bus service. These mini buses do not have a fixed timetable, but have to be reserved in advance. Reservations can be made with the OVflex app or by phone.

Dowload de OVflex app

For Android
For iOS