OV-chipkaart products

These are the products we suggest for the region Noord-Brabant.

Noord-Brabant off-peak discount

The off-peak product makes travelling with the OV-chipkaart in Noord-Brabant much cheaper. You can take advantage of a discount of as much as 40%!

What are the benefits?

Valid on weekdays after 9 a.m., at the weekend and the whole day on public holidays. Only to be used in combination with a Personal OV-chipcard.

TIP: Children aged 4-11 and senior citizens (65+) can travel with a 34% age discount. Age discounts are only given if you travel with a Personal OV-chipcard. The anonymous OV-chipcard does not make you eligible for an age discount.

In Brabant, young people aged 12-18 also receive a 34% age discount if they travel prepaid with a personal card.

Combine your age discount with the off-peak discount product. That way, you will receive an off-peak discount of up to 60%!

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Junior monthly subscription

The junior monthly subscription makes travelling with ov-chipkaart in Brabant much cheaper for 12 to 18 year olds.

How does it work?
  • For young people aged 12-18
  • Unlimited travel throughout the province of Brabant (including Southeast Brabant)
  • The monthly season ticket is a real cost saver if your school is located more than 25 km from your home.
  • Not valid on the night bus

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‘Brabant Altijd Vrij’ monthly/annual subscription

Unlimited travel by bus in Brabant.
Are you a frequent traveller on Hermes buses? In the region Brabant, the Brabant Altijd Vrij subscription may be an attractive option.
With the Brabant Altijd Vrij subscription you can travel unlimited by bus in Brabant. Monthly or annual subscriptions are available.

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