The timetable for bus services in Southeast Brabant will change as of 11 December 2016. Travellers can expect new buses, better connection, different line numbers and changed routes with different times.


A number of new connections will see High-Quality Public Transport services operating, for which free bus lanes have been constructed over the last few years. There will be more frequent and faster bus services on these busy routes. Moreover, the buses on these routes will be fully electric articulated buses, which makes Eindhoven the first city to introduce zero emissions bus transport on a large scale. In addition, new buses with an extremely high level of comfort will operate on the main connections in the region.

New bus line numbers

These improvements have prompted us to number the bus lines more logically, which is why some bus lines have been given a different line number:
  • The 400 series is for HOV with the new electric buses.
  • The 300 series is for the more comfortable regional buses.
  • The 100 series is exclusively for the peak-hour service buses.
  • The 200 series is for the neighbourhood buses.
  •  The 600 series comprises the school student lines. 

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