Our routes

Hermes provides bus transport in Zuidoost-Brabant and Arnhem-Nijmegen. In Zuidoost-Brabant we are known by the name 'Bravo'. We provide public transport on behalf of the Province of Brabant, but our actual clients are our passengers. For them, we are constantly on the move.

'Bravo' stands for transport that meets your needs. The bus will take you to many places in the province. In the coming years, more and more new, smart travel options will be added. Such as flexible on-demand bus transport, bicycle-sharing and car-sharing.

Known jointly as Bravo

Bus transport is the basis of public transport in Brabant. With fast and frequent connections, city and rural buses, a large network of local buses in sparsely populated areas and the flexible buses Zuidoost-Brabant, you will reach most places in the province. Known jointly as Bravo, Arriva and Hermes provide the bus transport in Brabant. Arriva in west and east of Brabant and Hermes Zuidoost-Brabant.



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