In the bus

Under certain conditions you can bring luggage, pets or a bicycle on board the bus. In addition, we apply certain travel rules to ensure that everyone has a pleasant experience of the trip.


In principle, you are allowed to take large luggage with you on the regular bus. However, it is up to the driver to decide which luggage is allowed, depending on the amount of people and space in the vehicle.

Maximum demension of luggage in a flexbus are 47cm x 73cm x 34cm. If you want to take more with you, just must reserve an extra ticket. Do you want to bring a stroller or wheelchair? Please let us know when you make a reservation.


Smaller pets may be carried in a carrier bag, basket or similar item in all buses. A dog may come board, if the animal is on a short leash. Guide dogs and other assistance dogs may always board if the dog is carrying a guide dog harness.

However, pets are not allowed if they are inconvenient or bothersome to other passengers or staff, or if they suffer from a contagious disease.


For reasons of safety, you are not allowed to take a normal bicycle with you. A (electric) folding bike is allowed on all buses under the following conditions:
  • The (electric) folding bike must be compactly folded, even when getting on and off the bus.
  • The (electric) folding bike must be parked and secured on the yellow marked area for wheelchairs and strollers.
  • No luggage is attached to the (electric) folding bike.
  • No more than two (electric) folding bicycles are allowed to be on the bus at the same time.
  • Wheelchair users, walkers and strollers have priority over a (electric) folding bicycle! It is up to the driver to decide whether there is sufficient space for a (electric) folding bicycle.
There is one exception: on line 20 and 50 in Zeeland you can take a normal bicycle in the bus through the Westerscheldetunnel with this ticket.


You can bring a stroller on board our buses.
  • Place the stroller on the wheelchair spot during the ride, provided no one else is using it. A passenger in a (electric) wheelchair has prioty over a stroller.
  • Put the stroller on the brake during the ride.
  • Sit with the child in a passenger seat on the bus

Travelling with a wheelchair or walker

More information about travelling with a wheelchair or walker can befound on the web page: Mobility impairment’.

Travel rules

To ensure that everyone experiences the journey as safe and pleasant, travel rules apply in the bus.