OVpay: checking in and out with your debit card

Check in and out with your contactless debit card, credit card or mobile. Very useful if you occasionally travel by public transport. This way you don't have to buy a regular ticket or add balance to your OV-chipcard. Choose what suits you best!

How does it work?

Are you checking in with your debit card? Then you travel second class and without a discount. The price of the trip is the same as traveling on balance with an OV-chipkaart. Do you have a subscription or a discount? Then for now you travel with your OV-chipkaart.
Take your card out of your wallet to check in. Whether you travel with your OV-chipcard or debit card. This way you can be sure you are traveling with the correct card and avoid double travel charges. If you hold your entire wallet in front of the check-in post, you may double check-in or check-in with the wrong pass.

How to travel with OVpay


Hold the debit card/mobile against the card reader

Take your contactless card out of your wallet or use the payment app on your phone. Make sure you have enough balance in your bank account.


Check out with the same card.

Getting off the bus means checking out! You do this with the same card. Forgot to check out? Adjust your missed check-out here


View travel expenses on your bank account.

All travel expenses for one day are automatically debited the next business day. The debit has a payment reference starting with NLOV.


Check the details of your trip

Check your travel history via this tool. Enter the 14 digits/letters that appear after NLOV in your payment overview together with the debited amount.

Questions about the costs of your trip?

Has money been withdrawn from your account for which you don't recognize the amount? There may have been an accidental double charge. This can happen when you hold your wallet with several cards in front of the check-in post. You can easily request a refund via the OVpay website.