Wear a mouth mask and avoid travelling during rush hour. Travel with OV-chipkaart or buy your ticket in advance.

Individual tickets

Travelling with the bus is also possible without an OV-chipkaart. Individual tickets are available in various forms: a paper ticket, an E-ticket and an M-ticket. On the page of a ticket you can see in which tickets are available.

Individual tickets

Bravo Group ticket

Affordable day out with the whole class

An entire day, on working days after 09.00 hrs
Valid on all regular Arriva and Hermes buses
€ 35.00

Eindhoven Airport Express - single trip

Fast and easy transport to and from Eindhoven Airport

To or from Eindhoven Airport
A one-way trip
Valid on bus line 20, 400 and 401
€ 4.38

Off-peak day ticket Brabant

Easy and affordable bus travel during off-peak hours

Valid one day: on working days after 09.00 hrs
Unlimited travel on all Hermes and Arriva buses
€ 6.84

Single Ride ticket Brabant

Region Zuid-Oost Brabant
Valid in all Hermes buses
Valid for one single ride
€ 4.38

Parking Card P+R Meerhoven

Voordelig parkeren en reizen naar het Centrum van Eindhoven

Betwee P+R Meerhoven and Eindhoven Center
Parking ticket and return ticket by bus
Park and travel to and from Eindhoven Center with bus lines 401, 402 or 403
€ 4.00
More info For sale at the parking lot

Ritkaart Brabant ticket

Zuidoost-Brabant region
One-way trip
Valid on all Hermes buses
€ 4.38
More info For sale from the bus driver

Explanation about different types of tickets


Order an e-ticket online. You can print it or show it on your mobile when travelling by bus.

Paper ticket

Buy a ticket from the bus driver with a debit or credit card. You can also buy a ticket at various points of sale.


Buy an online ticket to travel by bus via an app on your mobile phone.