About Hermes

Hermes provides bus transport in Zuidoost-Brabant and Arnhem-Nijmegen. We do this in Zuidoost-Brabant by the name of 'Bravo'. In the Arnhem-Nijmegen region, you know us by the name of 'Breng'. We provide public transport on behalf of the Province of Brabant and the Province of Gelderland. But our actual customers are our passengers. For them, we are constantly on the move.

Hermes voor jou in beweging.

Everything we do, we do for our passengers. We are constantly on the move to further improve our services. By offering even more comfort, safety and even clearer information.


About 650 people work at Hermes for an optimal service. The bus drivers play a key role for our services. They ensure a safe, comfortable and punctual journey and service. Our bus drivers are also the direct point of contact for passengers.


We do what we promise. We do everything we can to travel according to the timetable. After all, buses have to run on time. As a traveller, you have to be able to rely on this.

As a passenger, you do not expect extraordinary things from us. You want to travel on time, with correct travel information, with a friendly driver, and in a clean and comfortable bus. The ordinary things, in other words. And we make sure to do this. 

In Hermes's Dutch traveller's charter (pdf) we describe what you the passenger can expect from us, but also what we expect from you. Together, we can ensure a pleasant journey for you and all other passengers.

Meet Transdev

Mobility company Transdev operates throughout the country under various brand names such as Connexxion, Hermes and Witte Kruis.


Leader in zero-emission passenger transport and innovative mobility solutions.