Paper ticket

You can still travel with a paper ticket. Many tickets can be bought from the bus driver with your debit or credit card. Some tickets can also be bought at a point of sale, such as a shop or local tourist office.

From a point of sale

You can buy a paper ticket form several points of sale. The advantage of this is that the salesperson can help you and you can also pay with cash.

If you buy a paper ticket at a point of sale, you will receive a cardboard ticket with a chip in it. A ticket is then placed on this chip. You can check in and out on the bus using the cardboard card.

From the bus driver

You can buy a ticket from the bus driver. You can pay with debit card, credit card or mobile phone and will receive a receipt. The receipt is your ticket. With this receipt, you can check out when you leave the bus and if you want to change buses, you can use it to check in with it on the connecting bus.
Please note: It is no longer possible to pay with cash on the bus.

Tickets in Zuidoost-Brabant

Would you like to know which individual tickets are for sale in your travel area?

Other types of individual tickets


With this smart card you can pay for your trip in the Netherlands using all forms of public transport: bus, train, tram or metro.


Buy an online ticket to travel by bus via an app on your mobile phone.