We are working diligently to make it possible to check in and out with a barcode in all our buses. The square barcode is printed on a paper ticket purchased from the driver, on an E-ticket or on an M-ticket. We will explain how to check in and out with a barcode.

Checking in and out with your barcode

Your paper ticket, E-ticket or M-ticket contains a square barcode. This barcode can be scanned at the check-in device. Place your ticket 5 to 15 centimetres below the scanner and make sure that the red dot is directed at the middle of the barcode.

The device makes a sound and the light turns green when your card is checked in or out. If your card is no longer valid, the light turns red and an error message is shown. The validity is often shown on the card.

Barcode on a ticket bought from the bus driver

When you buy a ticket from the driver, there is a barcode on the receipt. The moment you buy the ticket in the bus, you are automatically checked in and do not have to check in again. When you leave the bus you have to check out using the barcode.

If you want to change buses, you can scan the barcode on the other bus. The device then indicates whether your ticket is still valid. Even if you get off here, you should check out again.

Barcode on an E-ticket

Your E-ticket also includes a barcode. With this barcode you still have to check in and out on all buses. You can print an E-ticket or show it on your mobile phone.

Barcode on an M-ticket

Activate your M-ticket in the Tranzer app before boarding the bus. You have to use the barcode on your phone to check in and out in all the buses.



Buy an online ticket to travel by bus via an app on your mobile phone.

Paper ticket

Buy a ticket from the bus driver with a debit or credit card. You can also buy a ticket at various points of sale.