Appointments for travel with a mobililty impairement

What can you expect from the driver if you travel in a wheelchair?

The driver offers assistance to people with a disability, when requested and only when the work allows it. The driver decides whether it is possible.

Place in the bus

The driver gives instructions on where to place the wheelchair, walker or pram. If the wheelchair space is free, it provides space for two prams, which must be placed there. As soon as a passenger enters the bus in a (electric) wheelchair, the pram must be moved to the aisle.

If the wheelchair space is already occupied by another passenger in a wheelchair:

  • Another passenger in a wheelchair who wants to travel cannot be transported and has to wait for the next bus.
  • Another passenger with a stroller/pram cannot be transported and must wait for the next bus. If the driver determines that safety is guaranteed, the pram can be taken onboard. The pram must then be folded up and placed in a regular place on the bus, for example under a seats. The child must sit on someone's lap.

Offer an alternative

If anyone is unable to join in any of the above situations, the driver must always inform the public transport control centre (Regiecentrum OV) so that a suitable solution can be found. The driver will also inform the passenger in question about this.