DAF Museum

The DAF Museum is a museum in Eindhoven that focuses on the history of Van Doorne's Automotive Factory, or DAF for short.

About the museum

Behind the façade of a former beer brewery, the history of DAF and its founders is told in detail. A large collection of passenger cars, trucks, buses, trailers and racing and rally cars illustrate the development of DAF. The ingenuity that has characterised DAF vehicles since its foundation in 1928 to the present day will fascinate every visitor.

With 60,000 visitors a year, the DAF Museum is one of the top attractions in Eindhoven. We'd love you to come visit!

More information?

More information about the DAF Musem such as opening hours and entrance fees can be found on their website.

Visit the DAF Museum!

To get to the museum, get off at the DAF Museum bus stop.

Plan your trip to the DAF Museum using our travel planner:



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