Senior citizens

Travellers 65 years and older can travel at a discount. Subscriptions are available to make travelling even more affordable.

Age discount

Are you 65 years or older? Then you are entitled to a 34% discount if you travel by bus on credit. This discount is valid all day long.

What do I need to do to travel at a discount?

In order to travel at a discount, you need a personal OV-chipkaart. Your date of birth is on your personal OV-chipkaart. The card then automatically calculates your age discount when you check in and out. So, checking in and out is the only thing you need to do.

Double discount

Do you want more discount? These discount cards offer double discounts during off-peak hours for passengers aged 65 years and older.

Off-peak Discount Noord-Brabant

Valid 1 year after start date
40% discount during off-peak hours in buses of Hermes and Arriva
From € 14.96 per year