One-way walk

Do you like going for a walk? And are you looking for a fun day out? Then choose a walk in the Enkeltje te Voet box and let yourself be brought there by a Bravo bus!

What is 'Enkeltje te voet'?

Enkeltje te Voet (i.e. one-way walk) is a box that has 10 maps of walking routes in the northern region of Eindhoven with an average length of 15 km. The walks go from village to village, with a direct bus connection between the start and end point. The routes are printed on handy folding cards with directions, a map and interesting facts (in Dutch) about the area.

Why a single straight route instead of a loop?

The advantage of a straight walk is that you can travel through many different landscapes because you can cover more ground than when travelling in a loop trip. In addition, it feels very adventurous to walk from one village to another because your aim is to get somewhere different.

How much does the box cost?

1 box costs €15.35.

Is it available in English?

No, it is only available in Dutch

Where can I buy the box?

The Enkeltje te Voet box is sold at:

Enkeltje te Voet is published by Boekjes van eigen Deeg.
Any questions? You can contact the publisher at:

Plan your trip

Plan your first walk straight away, using our travel planner:


Off-peak day ticket Brabant

Easy and affordable bus travel during off-peak hours

Valid one day: on working days after 09.00 hrs
Unlimited travel on all Hermes and Arriva buses
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Ritkaart Brabant ticket

Zuidoost-Brabant region
One-way trip
Valid on all Hermes buses
From € 4.80
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Green bus stops (Groene Haltes)

Your walk in Brabant starts in the bus. Groene Haltes are bus stops that are near the most beautiful nature reserves in Brabant.

Tourist attractions

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